Happy Cheetah Reading

Achieve Reading Success

1 in 5 children struggle with learning to read. Even if your child struggles, you can teach reading, effortlessly.

Frustration Free Learning

Experience the 20-minute a day reading program to teach your child to read ...  without tears or frustration.

Grounded In Research

From the creator of the award-winning Spelling-You-See Program, Dr. Karen has helped over 25,000 students learn to read.

Reading Success! Whether your child is brand new to reading or has persevered for several years already.


Using current research in reading and how the brain learns, see how well this unique method works.

That was easy!


Always build on what your child already knows. Feel confident and capable with immediate success.


Laugh the way to literacy. With funny stories and simple questions, say goodbye to tears!


Happy Cheetah Reading works for:

✓ Beginning readers
✓ Remedial readers
✓ Special needs readers
✓ English as a second language

Learning to read with Happy Cheetah is successful because children:

✓ Build on already attained knowledge
✓ Build fluency by using repetition
✓ Focus on one skill at a time
✓ Absorb details by using copywork
✓ Celebrate strengths instead of getting frustrated

Learn more about Happy Cheetah with Dr. Karen Holinga!

Author and reading specialist Dr. Karen Holinga explains the research behind the program and how it works.

Everything you need to teach your child to read.


No electronic devices needed. You will only need the materials provided ... and a pencil. 


There is no prep time or training needed. All you need is the workbook! It’s simple and easy to use.


Short lessons, engaging activities and readers that they will love = reading practice with smiles, not tears.


My son breezes through each lesson. He’s usually done in 15 minutes and I can already tell a difference. He doesn’t feel overwhelmed or tired, and he hasn’t complained once. I’ve also noticed that he is picking up on the new words even faster now."

– Patricia F.

After being completely stuck for nearly two years in his reading progress, finally we are moving forward! Today he picked up Hop on Pop, and Go, Dog. Go! and read them with little assistance from me and with joy. I am so grateful."

– Tricia R.

My son was older, and we had made some progress with him initially but had stalled out. I couldn’t figure it out. With this program he’s enjoying reading the stories on his own and feels more confident and relaxed each week. Now he’s even willing and able to do it with no melt downs. That’s huge in my book."

– Alexis K.

My only regret is that this program wasn’t available sooner. Happy Cheetah Reading has literally changed our lives so much that I want to stand at every store and convention and shout, “THIS ONE, GET THIS ONE!” “LOOK NO FURTHER!” SERIOUSLY, THIS IS IT!” “YOUR SEARCH IS OVER!” “STOP FIGHTING, IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE EASY!” “THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”


We tried every spelling and reading curriculum we could get our hands on, thinking maybe we could just find the right one. By the time he was eight, we were desperate and scared. Then we found Happy Cheetah Reading. It was literally as if someone had turned a light on in his brain. We had wasted so much time fighting and trying to use materials that just don’t work. Under this program our son, who is now 9, is reading."


We had tried three other programs and none of them offered what we needed, and he didn’t enjoy them. It was a battle every day. This is the first program I have seen that combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning in such a seamless way. In the past four months, my son went from barely being able to read to now reading everything in sight! His handwriting went from being jagged and barely readable, to uniform and clear!"