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How I Stopped a Vision Therapy-Induced Headache

If you think about it, vision therapy requires a muscle workout for the small muscles around the eyes. And, like any muscle, that can be incredibly fatiguing, very quickly.

When my son first started his vision therapy, he was supposed to do a particular task ten minutes a day. I could divide those ten minutes into two five-minute chunks, or three sets of about three minutes. (I could probably even have done five sets of two minutes, but the likelihood of me remembering to do something five times over the course of the day was vanishingly small.)

The first time my son did his vision therapy, he worked for five minutes, and seemed to do just fine.

But then he had a headache the rest of the day.

Clearly, he needed to work less time, maybe only three minutes, then get a break.

And so started a time of trial-and-error, where I was trying to do close to ten minutes of therapy, without causing him hours of headaches.

And we certainly weren’t perfect! He had several more headaches, which added the potential of mom guilt.

There was one morning that we worked together, and then he went to bed and didn’t emerge again until the next day.

I had to figure out something else.

The next time my son got a headache, I tried homeopathic Ruta 30C. Usually with homeopathy, if you’ve found the right remedy, there’s some shift almost right away. Ruta seemed like a reasonable option — good for deep muscle soreness. But it didn’t do much.

So next I tried Conium 30C. I gave him a dose, and left him alone.

About half an hour later, I was just getting ready to go check on my son, when I heard him get up. He threw up. But then, instead of going back to bed, he sat in the living room. And over the next hour, he started to perk up. He ate and drank, turned chatty, regained color.

It was the most thorough recovery from that kind of headache I had ever seen.

That was two months ago now. For six weeks, we continued to do vision therapy, and he had no headaches of any kind.

Then he had another one. I gave him a second dose of Conium, and he recovered quickly and well.

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