Happy Cheetah Reading

Happy Cheetah Reading: Second Grade


Happy Cheetah Reading: Second Grade
Happy Cheetah Reading: Second Grade Happy Cheetah Reading: Second Grade

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With much of the groundwork of early reading already laid, this year your child will rapidly move ahead in vocabulary acquisition and reading fluency. With the Cheetah Ready workbook, the rate of improvement skyrockets. As students read ever longer passages—with several short paragraphs per page—they continue to grow reading confidence and fluency.

About two-thirds of the way through the year, your student will transition to reading beginning chapter books, so that, by the end of this year, your student will be ready to step out more confidently into the larger world of reading.

Your student will enjoy a continued emphasis on copywork, and a deeper focus on spelling.

A complete language arts program, including reading, handwriting, vocabulary acquisition, spelling, grammar, and creative writing.

Dr. Karen worked to deliver the simplest complete program possible. No separate parent manual or additional training required. Short, easy-to-use instructions.

Ethan has enjoyed stories about various careers. I love that the stories are educational. They capture his attention. So many early readers lack any story or any sort of purpose. — Connie R.

Overview of Products Included in Happy Cheetah 2nd Grade:

  • Cheetah Ready Workbook 4 (Consumable)
  • Colored Pencils
  • Birds and Jobs: Reader 10
  • Fairy Tales Retold, Part I: Reader 11
  • Fairy Tales Retold, Part II: Reader 12
  • Cheetah Reading Schedule
  • Hill of Fire
  • Greg’s Microscope
  • The Big Balloon Race
  • Wagon Wheels
  • Nate the Great

In the Cheetah Ready Workbook Your Student Will:

  • Gain additional new vocabulary.
  • Read both nonfiction and fiction.
  • Focus on vowel chunks, Bossy-R in words, and suffixes, in order to develop the visual memory necessary for proper spelling.
  • Continue working with basic grammar and punctuation.
  • Continue to practice the intuitive reading methods that all successful readers use.
  • Sound out and write additional high-frequency words easily and quickly, using lowercase letters.

Birds and Jobs: Reader 10

The tenth in this series of 12 guided readers. There are fifteen stories about animals birds: cardinals, hummingbirds, robins, pelicans, woodpeckers. Followed up by ten stories about different occupations, from firefighters and postal workers, to beekeepers and dairy farmers. Full-color, nonfiction reader.

Fairy Tales Retold, Part I: Reader 11

The eleventh in this series of 12 guided readers. Ten humorous retellings of classic fairy tales . . . with a twist. When the wolf cried sheep for selfish purposes, he learns an important lesson on honesty. Charming. Full color.

Fairy Tales Retold, Part II: Reader 12

The twelfth in this series of 12 guided readers. With ten more fairy tales with a twist. Instead of the ugly duckling, there’s an unappreciated crocodile in a snake family. And when the elves come out at night to help the baker, he doesn’t send them away with cookies, but gives them a job. Great fun. Full color.

Cheetah Reading Schedule

All five readers, scheduled in the Happy Cheetah style, with built-in repeat reads and new reads. Build fluency simply and easily!

Hill of Fire

Exciting, true story of a volcano that erupted in a Mexican farmer's field. A Reading Rainbow book.

Greg’s Microscope

An accurate, entertaining look at the wonders of nature as seen through a microscope.

The Big Balloon Race

A suspense-filled, true story of a small girl who helps her mother fly in a hot air balloon race in the 1880s. A Reading Rainbow book.

Wagon Wheels

A black family moves west after being freed in the Civil War.

Full of love, courage, and drama. A Reading Rainbow book.

Nate the Great

Great adventure of a boy detective. Where will he find the missing work of art? Written in a simple, "just the facts, ma'am" style. Two-color illustrations by the incomparable Marc Simont.

BONUS 1: Special Report: Prevent the Brain from Hijacking Your Child’s Ability to Learn

Your child can learn so much more easily than you think! Learn how to stop the frustration and how to start working in cooperation with your child’s brain. This bonus will empower you to enjoy your child’s education, and really maximize every single time you work together.

This masterclass will transform your school. When you understand how the brain works—how emotions affect it, how important it is for the brain to feel at ease, where your child is developmentally, and more—you will look forward to more learning, and more peace in your home.

Yours free with purchase.

BONUS 2: Foolproof Stop Reversing B and D Forever Bookmarks

Did you know that every time children say or write the wrong sound, they need to say the correct sound twelve times in a row to eliminate the sound confusion?

Help your child never guess again.

In Dr. Karen’s clinical practice, she has experimented with many methods of helping students not reverse their letters, and at last she has found the solution to stop b-d confusion.

When children see the letters in order a-b-c-d, they don’t mix up the sounds. Even children who struggle to memorize the whole alphabet know A, B, C, and when they see the letters in order, they can double-check the letters and sounds and know for sure . . . no guessing!

Keep one of these bookmarks handy whenever your child is reading or writing, and watch reversals become a thing of the past.

Yours free with purchase.

BONUS 3: The #1 Optometrist-Recommended Guide for Reading

Dr. Karen Holinga’s preferred optometrist called her one day with two specific recommendations: stop giving gumballs as treats, and use this tool with children who struggle to keep their place on a page.

Dr. Karen didn't stop giving gumballs, but she did start using this tool when she reads with her students.

This low-tech tool helps beginning readers keep their place on the page. You’ll be thrilled by how much less distracted your child is once you incorporate this in your daily reading practice.

Yours free with your purchase.

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