Happy Cheetah Reading

What Makes Happy Cheetah Reading Different?

About one in five students struggle with learning to read. With Happy Cheetah Readings, students experience success, whether they are brand new to reading or have persevered for several years already. You can teach your student to read, effortlessly, in just a few minutes a day.

In a sea of look-alike programs, the Happy Cheetah Reading System stands alone.

Happy Cheetah Reading starts with a different foundation. While other programs are based on decades-old research that studied struggling students, Happy Cheetah Reading builds on recent research that studied how successful students learn to read.

It turns out that all readers follow the same steps to literacy. Some readers just do it faster than others. Whether your students are ages 3 or 18, Happy Cheetah Reading teaches the methods that successful readers use, so your students experience reading success.

Happy Cheetah Reading Works! 

No Rules to Memorize

Good readers don’t learn to read by thinking about rules. They read by thinking about whether the passage sounds right, looks right, and makes sense. 

Immediate Success

You get to give your students as much help as needed, for immediate success. You’ll read the stories aloud to your students, then let them read the stories back to you. When you provide assistance as needed, your students’ brains develop the necessary connections to become fluent.

No Tears and Frustration

Every lesson is designed to be fun and enjoyable. The brain needs to be relaxed in order to learn. At Happy Cheetah Reading, we are committed to a frustration-free format.

Uses Current Research

Includes the proven way to boost reading levels in half the time. Uses the fastest way to gain fluency and the best way to help students learn to hear sounds. Happy Cheetah Reading encourages reading in an intuitive, enjoyable way, without wasting time on less effective—even counterproductive!—methods.

No Prep Time

No additional training required. There’s not even a teacher’s guide! All that you need is in the workbook. Follow the steps in the work-book. Simple and easy to use.

Efficient Learning

Each lesson takes only about 20 minutes. Every step, every assignment, every game, every illustration—every word!—is the fruit of Dr. Karen’s expertise, so your student will enjoy immediate success. And you’ll spend every minute in effective, strategic interaction. No wasted time.

No Electronics Needed

You don’t need a device. You just need a pencil.

Complete Language Arts Program

Includes all components of an elementary language arts program: phonics, handwriting, punctuation and grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, creative expression, and storytelling.


No subscriptions. No pricey doodads. A fraction of the cost of traditional tutoring.

We had tried three other programs and none of them offered what we needed, and he didn’t enjoy them. It was a battle every day. This is the first program I have seen that combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning in such a seamless way. In the past four months, my son went from barely being able to read to now reading everything in sight! His handwriting went from being jagged and barely readable, to uniform and clear! —Janna J.