Happy Cheetah Reading

How Does It Work?

With Happy Cheetah Reading you can teach your student to read, effortlessly, in just a few minutes a day. Happy Cheetah Reading develops successful readers based on experience, research, and practiced methods.

Big Picture + Smaller Parts

With Happy Cheetah Reading, your student always starts listening to the full story, without focusing on rules or individual sounds.

Because your student knows the plot, and has the context in mind, all the pieces come together without confusion. 

With the story as the foundation, your student learns the individual details of reading, such as proper spelling and grammatical cues like quotation marks, in the context of the story. Each smaller element is already included in the big picture. Nothing is out of order; everything is linked.

These links rapidly build knowledge, without confusion. Like looking at the box before assembling a puzzle—there's a framework in place.

Happy Cheetah Reading combines the big picture with the smaller details in order to teach reading ... simply, easily, and quickly.

New Information Connected to Old

Happy Cheetah Reading always connects new information to what students already know. Recent studies show that if new information does not link to old, the brain dumps the new. The brain remembers things in context; it’s not wired to remember random tidbits.

 The guided readers follow a specific progression. They sound right and make sense from the beginning, as students build on what they already know. 

Celebrate Their Strengths

Different children have different giftings. 

Happy Cheetah Reading works with all students because it allows for all different types of giftings. A multi-sensory and multimodality program, it uses many ways to create links in the brain. Even if your student doesn't have one or two ways to link information, that’s okay—the brain compensates. 

The Happy Cheetah Reading Complete System includes copywork and drawing, visual recognition, auditory reads, and kinesthetic manipulation of letters. 

Happy Cheetah Reading gives your child's brain the tools and the permission to create the links that it needs, as your child stays relaxed and interested. 


The brain needs repetition in order to really learn something.

With Happy Cheetah Reading, students build fluency with multiple reads of familiar material. Students read each story repeatedly until they no longer need to think about it, because they have instant recall of these familiar words.

With repeated reads, they recognize the words, without (necessarily) memorizing them.

This is a non-threatening way to learn. There are no tests. The instructors are free to help as much as the students want (and, indeed, if an instructor tries to help too much, the student protests, “I can do it!”). The brain is making the necessary links.

One Focus at a Time

And, as in all good teaching, students focus on only one thing at a time. When you first learned to drive, you weren’t supposed to talk on the phone and steer in heavy traffic at the same time—better to have only one thing to focus on.


With Happy Cheetah Reading, students copy sentences from the stories they read, so their brains are awash in meaning. Suddenly students start to notice things like commas, periods, and capital letters, because copywork forces the brain to slow down and pay attention to the details in the print.

But the brain can only take in a limited amount of information at a time. Regular copywork gives the brain the time it needs to absorb what it needs to learn, so the Happy Cheetah Reading workbooks offer regular copywork.