Happy Cheetah Reading

Dr. Karen's Office Experience Booster Kit


Dr. Karen's Office Experience Booster Kit

This recommended resource contains three tools that Dr. Karen uses in her clinical practice, plus an additional bonus.

This recommended resource allows you to bring Dr. Karen’s practice into your home, without a trip to Ohio.

One per family.

Dr. Karen’s Constant Encouragement Button

Dr. Karen keeps one of these on her desk at all times. When children come in for an evaluation, she has them hit the button every few minutes. “Great work! Hit the button!” Or, “Too easy! Hit the button.”

And the encouragement button says, “That was easy!”

Have your students hit the encouragement button after reading each review story, after reading each new story, after reading the printed story in the workbook, after each of the Think-and-Do exercises, after each sentence copied and read. . . . Basically, as often as you can reasonably suggest it.

This is a funny and empowering little tool that your students will love.

And the constant reinforcement of the message That was easy! is an excellent way to keep the brain relaxed and engaged.

And since, with Happy Cheetah Reading, every part of the program actually is easy, you’re reminding your student that reading is not just possible . . . it’s easy!

Batteries included.

Dr. Karen’s Preferred Pencil Grip for Perfect Practice

After trying many brands of pencil grip, this is the one that Dr. Karen found works best. She offers these to all students who come to her office—and now to you, too. Good for both right-handed and left-handed students, this will help your students hold their pencils correctly.

Dr. Karen’s Mistake-Covering Tape

When Dr. Karen works with students, she always keeps this tape at hand. Whenever students make an error, she immediately covers it up, because the less time students look at an error, the better!

Stop worrying about misplaced erasers and the shadowy, show-through lines that can’t be fully erased. Instant correction, and a clean piece of paper.

BONUS: Exclusive Top 100 Most Value-Rich Audio Recordings

For struggling readers, one of the most valuable things you can do is let them listen to books as much as possible. Since most parents don’t have eight to twelve hours to read aloud, audio books become one of the best way to build the needed pathways in the brain to help a student learn to read as quickly as possible.

In my audio book library, I have over 450 titles, worth well over $7,000.

My children and I combed through our list to find our top favorite children’s audio books. The ones they return to again and again. The ones that offer the best value for their price. The ones that a range of ages enjoy. The ones that enhance the audio book art form the most, where the recording is not just a book that's read aloud, but a book that comes alive through a skillful narrator.

From this list, the books are divided out according to age and according to personal preference, from the very greatest must listens, to the ones we still like much.

Yours free with your purchase.

“I would pay $1000 for this list.” —Dr. Karen Holinga