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Getting Ready: Handwriting and Early Reading Workbook


Getting Ready: Handwriting and Early Reading Workbook

Because the research proves that copywork is integral to helping students learn to read quickly and easily, the Happy Cheetah Reading System starts with handwriting, then moves to phonics, where students learn the connection between sounds and the written letters.

The Getting Ready workbook introduces your students to printing by hand.

It uses a developmentally appropriate sequence for both capital and lowercase letters, so all beginning writers learn in the most efficient and easy way possible.
Getting Ready also uses a unique font. Dr. Karen developed this font to address handwriting issues that she sees regularly in her clinical practice. You can prevent letter reversals from the very beginning!

After learning to print all the individual letters, students move into beginning copywork. Next they start to work on hearing individual sounds in words (also called phonemic awareness), and finally practice writing numerals.

Consumable workbook.